Caseys Corner Hot Dog:

Overall Grade: 8/10

Right at the end of Main Street U.S.A. sits Casey’s Corner. This Quick-Service Restaurant is in our opinion one of the best options in the park, and is a must-try for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

Type of Food: American $ ($14.99 and under per adult)

Service: Quick-Service

Location: Magic Kingdom: Main Street U.S.A.

Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Quick-Service Credit; Snack Credit items

Menu: Official Lunch and Dinner Menu

Reservations: None

As for the actual review, we got the Chili-Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog and to say the least it was very good! They had plenty of cheese on the dog, however not as much chili. If there is a complaint about it, then it would be not enough chili. The bun itself tasted fresh and the hotdog was pretty tasty.

We also had the chance of getting the Bacon Macaroni & Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog and we were NOT big fans at all. Maybe it’s just us, but we prefer the simple regular sized hot dog mentioned above. This footlong was extremely messy considering it was on the same size bun as a regular hot dog and the hot dog itself was pretty dry.
As for the sides, its classic Disney sides. The French Fries were pretty good, just like any other Disney Quick-Service and of course tasted even better when we tried the Chili-Cheese Fries.
When eating there be sure to grab one of the tables outside for a nice view of a passing parade or a great viewing of Happily Ever After!

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