While in Epcot, guests can see a video playing in what Disney calls the ‘Epcot Experience’. In the video, it goes through Epcot changing over the next couple years. Before COVID-19, Disney had plans to build a brand new Mary Poppins ride in the United Kingdom pavilion and also do a refurbishment to Spaceship Earth, which were both mentioned and shown in the video. However, the video doesn’t show these two aspects anymore and due to cuts that will save Disney around $1 Billion, they both have been put on hold due to the virus.

Disney has confirmed they are putting the projects on hold for the time being.

Here is the official statement:

“As with most businesses during this period, we are further evaluating long-term project plans. The decision was made to postpone the development of the “Mary Poppins”-inspired attraction and Spaceship Earth at this time”


As of now there has been no word on whether or not that any other projects at Epcot have been put on hold as well. Could this mean that the new festival center or the Moana attraction be put on hold as well, only time will tell.

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