New construction walls have been put up around the Chinese Theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since the Great Movie Ride closed nearly 2 years ago, Disney has announced a new attraction to take its place called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This new attraction will feature Mickey, Minnie and the gang as the stars of the ride, a surprisingly first time that Disney is making a ride on the beloved characters.

Walls were up around the entrance about a year ago but have been taken down since then. These walls however are actually around the Chinese Theatre. We know that there will be no changes to the front of the theatre besides the new sign for the ride. But for the side of the theatre, where the walls are, we are not aware of what’s going on. It could just be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or something a little bit more for the new ride like a new feel adding in details from the ride itself.

We’ll keep this post updated as more information becomes available.