I know what you’re thinking, 91%? Can that be right? Rotten Tomatoes says currently 57% at the time of this post. Well I can assure you that is NOT an accurate representation of this movie, and here’s why.

First off I would like to tell everyone that I went with a party of 11 people and at the end of the movie, we all gave a score o%-100% and the 91% is the average score.

I know we’ve all seen the marketing for this movie, and how in the beginning, it was sub-par, but I can assure you that the movie as a whole is amazing, fun, and enjoyable for the entire family! The world of Agrabah is absolutely breathtaking with its bold colors, modern twists, and sticking to the true values of the animated film.

The movie starts completely different from the classic, assuming that everyone already knows the tale of ‘Aladdin’, and most do. It goes through the city of Agrabah while ‘Arabian Nights’ is being played. After that quick recap the movie dives right into the streets showing Aladdin and Abu in their element. Now this is a non-spoiler review so I’m not going into all the details of the movie that were updated or just barely tweaked to bring it a fresh point of view, which I liked, a lot. But moving on into the movie the best visual effects were in the cave of wonders where Aladdin and Abu meet carpet in a new way. Then of course Abu touches the forbidden treasure and the effects were amazing. But that was only the beginning because once Genie (Will Smith) came out and started the ‘Friend Like Me’ bit, I genuinely had a smile on my face the entire song.

Then later on ‘Prince Ali’ starts and rest assured, it’s a good sequence. The clip that was released didn’t show the best parts of how incredibly big and massive the scope of that whole arrangement was. Another problem people seemed to have was that Smith didn’t shape shift, but, in the whole film, he does actually go into the crowds like in the animated. And just a side note the scene after ‘Prince Ali’ which everyone is calling the “Jam” scene, is one of the best parts in the movie. You’ll see why when you see it! And if you have seen it, you know what I’m talking about!

‘A Whole New World’ was visually pretty good as well. The average movie goer, isn’t some critic who picks apart everything, was the CGI perfect, no, but it was pretty good in my opinion! As for the song, you can listen to it now on the soundtrack to form your own opinion, but just so you know it’s completely different listening to a song audio rather than listen to it as a whole package deal on the big screen!

As for ‘Speechless’ I liked the song a lot. I do agree that there could’ve been a better way to implement the second half of the song in the movie. The first half was good, and fit it with the story, however the second half later in the movie seemed like it was just added in. But we’re getting picky to find faults.

Now we watched it in 3D, and if it’s available, go see it in 3D because it was good in some parts of the movie! But if you cant be sure to at least watch in in IMAX because this film deserves to be on the biggest screen possible and I would be just as happy watching it without 3D.

Currently Aladdin is on track for a strong start earning $7 Million for the Thursday evening showings. Estimates as of now project Aladdin to $100 Million+ this Memorial Day Weekend.
In conclusion, GO SEE IT! My whole group loved it! It’s great for the family, kids, and the kids at heart!


  1. Is it entirely perfect? NO! WHAT IS?
  2. Is it better than the animated? Not comparable in our opinion! One is animated and one is live-action. It’s completely different what you can and can’t do in both versions.
  3. Does Will Smith copy Robin Williams? Nope, he put his own spin on it, and I like it!
  4. Does Will Smith play a good genie? Yep
  5. How is Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s acting? AMAZING! Great chemistry!
  6. How is Jafar’s acting? I actually liked Jafar’s part in this just fine

What did you think about Aladdin? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments and social media!