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After the whole ordeal Saturday October 5th, 2019, The Disney Skyliner is now open again with limited hours. In case you didn’t know what happened read the full story down below.

Since that night the Disney Skyliner has been closed to all guests and cast while the system was being tested. No official word on what caused the pile up in the station, but we explain what we think happened down below.

Check out the Official Statement from Disney Parks here


Earlier Saturday night, October 5, the Disney Skyliner on the Epcot line came to a halt when a gondola cabin LEAVING the station got stuck on the line causing the gondolas behind it to back up on each other.

There were no reported injuries, a Walt Disney World spokeswoman said. It was “unexpected downtime” on the Skyliner, the spokeswoman said Saturday. Be sure to follow us now on Twitter for the most up to date news as we are tweeting CONSTANTLY. Here are some of our tweets of what happened below.

“One of the three Disney Skyliner routes experienced an unexpected downtime Saturday evening,” the release said. “As a result, the Skyliner will be closed while we look into the details surrounding the downtime.”


  • Guests have stopped on board Disney Gondola on Epcot line
  • Fire Dept. has deployed trucks for evacuation
  • Guests told to open Emergency Kits
  • Guests have begun to move again after 3 hours stuck on board.
  • Cast Members have supplies as guests begin to unload
  • Guests reportedly getting $100-$200 gift card and one day park hopper ticket
  • Dopplymeyer, Disney Skyliner builders, on site