You read that right! In the new highly anticipated ride coming to Disneyland, guests will actually be able to shoot webs from their wrists on this new ride!

Disney’s upcoming Spider-Man ride will give riders the same sensation thanks to some new immersive technology! A few Imagineering executives at New York Comic Con revealed that the new technology will give guests the exact feeling of having Spider-Man’s web-shooters on their own wrists.

Marvel’s website posted a video of the recent panel at New York Comic Con where Scot Drake (a creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering) explained a few more details about the new ride: 

“When the mischief that Peter Parker gets in, where Spider-bots are released all over the [Avengers] campus, he needs all of our help. That’s where we step up, we get in these vehicles, and we go on this crazy adventure through all different parts of the campus cleaning up and slinging webs right next to Spider-Man.”

Another write-up from NYCC states that  “guests on the attraction will be able to shoot their own webs out of their wrists via immersive technology.”

Now of course this technology is brand-new to a ride so we don’t have any more details on how it works. Some have speculated that the ride will feature “shooters” Like Toy Story Mania or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, but it seems like we will be experiencing something with the Spider-Man ride that has never been done before. 

The Spider-Man ride is set to open at Disney California Adventure sometime in 2020 and at Disneyland Paris sometime in 2021

Source: Slashfilm. 

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