Jermaine Bell, a six year old boy who used his vacation savings to feed hurricane Dorian evacuees, was surprised with a dream Walt Disney World Vacation.

Jermaine Bell from Jacksonville, Florida spent over a year of saving money to go to Walt Disney World for his birthday. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian got in the way of his vacation plans, but Jermaine’s selfless act of compassion has inspired millions. 

As Hurricane Dorian moved closer towards South Carolina, Jermaine purchased hundreds of hot dogs, bags of chips, and bottled water with the money he had saved to go to Walt Disney World. He served the food and drink free of charge to hurricane evacuees in South Carolina where he was visiting his grandma. 

Jermaine Bell celebrated his 7th birthday on Sunday, September 8th. He got the surprise of a lifetime! Mickey Mouse and a group of Walt Disney World cast members showed up at his door to announce that he and his family will finally get the chance to visit Walt Disney World after all! The Bell family will enjoy a VIP getaway at the end of this month. 

Luckily, Disney will be highlighting their trip so stay tuned to Mouse-ka-Magic.

Check out the moment Jermaine was surprised below!

Source: Disney

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