Could it be that the time has finally come for Disney to bring back fireworks to The Walt Disney World Resort? Many fans have agreed that it is time and that we could see fireworks light up the night sky as early as JULY!

Lately, Disney has been testing for the upcoming nighttime spectacular, HarmonioUS, Disney’s largest spectacular ever done in a Disney theme park, with fireworks testing after park hours. The Family Traveler on twitter caught some footage of the testing!

All of this is good signs and possibly means that Disney is gearing up to bring fireworks back very soon. According to sources, Disney cast members have said that bringing fireworks back in early July is being discussed.

Of course this is only rumors and gossip so take this all with a grain of salt, for now. Until Disney officially announces something don’t bank on anything just yet. We for sure can’t wait for the return of fireworks and we’re counting down the days until they make their return!

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