The latest and final installment of the Skywalker Saga is just about to be released December 20, 2019! We now can offer a SPOILER-FREE look into the brand new movie!

The “Rise of Skywalker” is the ending to the trilogy that was originally set out by director, J.J. Abrams when Disney first took over Lucasfilm. Now, the 9th episode in the franchise is here with Abrams at the forefront again. Abrams hits all the nostalgic notes that fans know and loved from a Star Wars film. The action in this movie is NONSTOP and there is A LOT to digest as this is a very fast paced movie. Like seriously there’s so much packed into these two and a half hours—perhaps at the expense of actual character and plot development. We will also say there is a major light saber battle in this movie that is just epic!

Visually, “The Rise of Skywalker” is stunning. There are many different settings in this movie as you will see and the colors and landscape shots are breathtaking.

The cast really did an amazing job with the pressure mounting over the end of a trilogy. I’d say this is the best this cast has acted out of the entire trilogy and the chemistry between them all is fantastic.

Now with all this good there are some not so great things as well. One of those aspects being the inclusion of Princess/General Leia Organa. Yes for nostalgia purposes it was very moving and touching seeing her on screen. But, the problem comes in because you can obviously tell that she was not there and that it was a double whenever “her” back was turned. Not only that throughout the whole saga she chartered her own way and wasn’t afraid to do what was right. In this movie it seems as if she is passive and detached. Kind of a weird way to wrap up her character in the saga in our opinion.

Another thing is that they had more characters added in this movie, which don’t get me wrong, played amazing parts, but just seemed like valuable time was wasted that could have been used to further develop the existing characters.

Much like you’ve been hearing, this movie definitely ticks the boxes off the checklist for fans. Overall this final movie was fun and it was satisfying. There are major driving narratives in the saga as a whole that are either ignored or just abandoned in the end. I don’t envy the gigantic challenge Abrams was given in finding a fitting ending for everything for not just the trilogy he started but wrapping up the 8 movies that came before it. But, honestly, it’s very apparent he did his best to please everyone.

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