Star Wars Hotel:

With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in just under two months, a new themed Star Wars Hotel is being constructed as we speak. There has not been many details on this new hotel except for the fact that it will be right across the way from Galaxy’s Edge connecting it somehow by a shuttle or walkway maybe.

This new themed resort will immerse guests in all things Star Wars, and if rumors are right, the max stay at this resort will be 2 nights because of the pretty low occupancy. Based off the picture above, it looks as if there will be 20 rooms on each floor. That can be determined by counting 10 rooms on the left side, and the right, separated by the hallway. This hotel will have about 5 floors, so that’s only about 100 rooms. This means that this will be pretty hard to get a reservation, most likely be very expensive, but be an amazing experience.

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