The NBA Experience is finally open today. At the opening ceremony, CEO Bob Iger, NBA Commissioner, and many greats from the NBA joined in the fun to see this new experience in Disney Springs open. Check out the LIVE-Stream below!

There are many things participants can do at the experience. Let’s go through all of those activities.

First up, enter an immersive world where all of your basketball dreams are just a layup away.

Inside this impressive venue inspired by modern-day NBA arenas, you can enjoy 13 unique experiences that merge the magic of Disney with the thrills of the NBA. Step through the Player Entry Tunnel—welcomed by the roar of an excited crowd—and embark on the full player journey, from training to competitions to championships and beyond.

Next, put your basketball skills to the test as you dribble, shoot, dunk and score with your choice of 5 different activities like Dunk, Shoot and Dribble.

In addition to that, get all of the NBA history and get behind the scenes all access looks inside the locker room and beyond.

Now what does it cost? For children 3-9 it’s $29.00 + Tax, and for Ages 10+ it is $34.00 + Tax for a one day ticket.

To participate in NBA Experience activities, footwear is required; athletic footwear is recommended. Adults must sign a waiver when they arrive at the venue; for children younger than age 18, the child’s guardian must sign the waiver for minors. For convenience, you may view the waiver in advance at All tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable and exclude activities/events separately priced.

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