A brand new restaurant at Disney’s Coronado Springs had its Grand Opening today ahead of the opening of the Gran Destino Tower opening next month. The Three Bridges Bar & Grill Restaurant offers amazing food, fantastic presentations, and great service! Check our quick Grand Opening review below!

First up was the Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip that has chorizo, poblano peppers and tortilla chips. The best way to describe this was really good with a spice. It definitely has a heat so if you are not a big fan of that then just watch it. But to us it was more of a heat that added to the flavor more than just making it hot.

Next up were the Crispy Chicken Sliders with fries.

These little sliders were very good and we would recommend getting them again! And the fries, they were just as good!

Here’s a look at the menu!

Three Bridges Bar & Grill: www.mousekamagic.com

Be sure to check back here as we will be visiting here again for a more in depth review in the future!

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