Mouse-ka-Score: 85%

The much anticipated Toy Story 4 is here in what Disney•Pixar says will be the last sequel made for quite some time. In this review we’ll tell you what we thought about the movie and why we think this movie deserves the rating of 85%.

Starting off, going into this movie we had high expectations. We knew that we would like it especially if they kept the same formula that they used for the other 3. At the end of the day, it was a Toy Story movie for sure, but, there was something different about it. We had a total of 9 people in our group to view the movie and each of scores were added and averaged to get the score above.

From the very beginning, the opening scene of the movie already gets many people in the emotional department. That goes on and off through out the movie and definitely at the ending of the movie. Now this is a no spoiler review so we won’t go into specific details. Everything we do go over is already touched on in the trailers of the movie.

After the opening scene, we dive into Bonnie’s story with the iconic gang of toys. Bonnie starts Kindergarten and like most little kids who start school, she was very nervous. That’s when the new character Forky comes into play. Bonnie makes Forky in class (with the aid of a toy looking out for her) and that’s when she has made herself brand new toy. Then Bonnie takes Forky home and puts him in her room after school and that’s when the clip below is introduced. 

After meeting the gang, Forky is still pretty scared and confused as to what is going on, so much so he tells Woody and Buzz that he wasn’t made for this and he jumps out of the RV while yelling freedom. Of course, thinking of Bonnie’s happiness Woody goes after him. Once Woody finds Forky, he explains to him about being a toy and how much he means to Bonnie. That’s when they stumble upon an antique shop. This is where Woody and Forky meet up with Gaby Gaby and her very creepy dummies. 

Eventually Woody gets away and stumbles upon an old friend, Bo Peep and her sheep. Meanwhile, a chaotic travelling carnival finds cuddly toys Ducky and Bunny (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) tied up to a booth wall for 3 years.

Skipping to the ending. Out of the entire movie this is the only scene we personally can say that was a little emotional for us. It caught us a little off guard but looks like it will set up the franchise for another movie. Toy Story 5 will happen, we can almost guarantee it. Why you ask? Not only for the simple fact that the movie ending sets up another movie, but the pure fact that Disney Parks actually has Toy Story Lands, which means this franchise will have to stay relevant for quite some time. Disney wouldn’t build a land and then put no focus on developing the story further to allow future generations to love the gang as we did growing up. This is already happening in fact with a new short film coming to Disney+ about Bo Peep called “Lamp Life“. In this film we will finally get some answers to the questions about where Bo was since we last we saw her in Toy Story 2.

Overall the true heart of Toy Story 4 is in fact about the toys and their stories. This has been a change in how the last 3 were where they focused on the children more and their toys. We do think there will be a Toy Story 5, maybe having the toys reunite back with Andy with his own kids one day.

What do you think Toy Story 5 should be about if they make it? Let us know below!