Overall Grade: 7.1/10

When it comes to restaurants in Disney Springs, many of you know there is quite an abundance of choices to choose from. T-Rex is one of our quick go-to restaurants when visiting Disney Springs every now and again. It’s atmosphere is unlike any other, the food is pretty good, and the overall experience is a great night out. In this review we’ll go though the overall value, food, service, atmosphere and overall experience. It is worth noting that if it weren’t for the atmosphere, the 7.1/10 grade would be lower.

Type of Food: American 

$$ ($15 to $34.99 per adult)

Service: Table-Service 

Location: Disney Springs, Marketplace

Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Table-Service Credit 

Menu: Official Lunch Menu  Official Dinner Menu

Reservations: Book Online


For the value for T-Rex we give this restaurant a 7/10. Overall the food is ok, atmosphere is great, and it really is a fun night out. The portion sizes are huge and can definitely be split for those who aren’t heavy eaters. For our friends and family, however, splitting is perfect when we’re not using the Disney Dining Plan.


Like stated above, the food is ok, basically being a glorified Rainforest Café. The portion size we will admit is enough to split or at least enough to take home left-overs in our opinion. For these reasons, we rate the food 5/10.

We usually skip the appetizers but we did get the SUPERSAURUS SAMPLER (FOR FOUR) which was $19.99. This sampler came with Chili con Queso Dip, Bruschetta, T-Rexadillas and onion rings. You also have the option to add St. Louis style pork spareribs for $8.25. If you plan on going with a group this a good option to get some tastes of different things before your main meal. However this app it like frozen things just fried up or made when the order comes in.

Next up we got the BONEYARD BUFFET which is $29.50 and comes with Fire-roasted Rotisserie Chicken, slow-roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, seasoned fries and coleslaw. We also got the MEGASAURUS BURGER which was $21.25. The burger has two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, a brioche bun and served with seasoned fries. To say the least both of these entrees were the best thing we had and were gigantic in the portion size department. The ribs that night were fall off the bone and the seasoning and flavors were really good. The fire-roasted chicken was also good, juicy and what I personally prefer out of the two, but I’m kind of biased towards chicken rather than pork. As for the Megasaurus Burger, it was a monster and a burger that I wouldn’t be able to eat but, I’ve seen people finish it, but they were absolutely stuffed beyond belief. It was a restaurant burger, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It was pretty good overall, however, the cook was overdone from the Medium I ordered. It As for the fries that came with the meals, they were just fries, nothing too exciting. Now saying all of this, I must also say that this is just a step above Rainforest Café. So when it boils down to it the food is pretty good but the atmosphere is what your paying for at this restaurant.

Finally, the dessert. We got the restaurants most popular dessert, the CHOCOLATE EXTINCTION (FOR FOUR) which costs $18.49 or 4 dessert credits for people on the dining plan. This amazing chocolate lovers dessert includes chocolate fudge cake, ice cream, whipped topping, fudge and caramel sauce with Butterfinger® crumbs. It is absolutely incredible. If you somehow weren’t full before, this will certainly top you off!


Just like any other restaurant in Walt Disney World and Disney Springs, the service was pretty good. The wait for these restaurants are often times extremely long, but the cool thing is to put your name down and they’ll text you when your table is ready, allowing you to go shop or look around Disney Springs. Pro tip, sign up for the Landry’s Card and you get priority seating for T-Rex and some cool benefits for all of the restaurants ran by Landry’s. The wait staff was pretty knowledgeable about the menu and answered any questions without having to ask someone else which is something really nice to see. We had to ask once for a refill, and we were asked if there was anything we needed and asked if the food was ok. For all of these reasons we rate the service 7.5/10.


No comes the most impressive thing about this restaurant, the atmosphere. There is no where else on property with this kind of theming. Inside they have different sections, like the Ice Age, prehistoric insects, and the dinosaur extinction section. Every so often the meteor shower that made all of these prehistoric creatures extinct happens throughout the entire restaurant and all of the animatronics react and the lights go down, it’s very cool and that’s why we give it a 9/10.

Overall Experience

Overall we think this a must-try restaurant if you haven’t been here before. For us personally, we will always have this restaurant in the back of our minds when deciding on where to eat. But, there are so many new things we need to try as well, with new things coming each year.

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